Our in-house backline includes Pearl drums, Fender amps & guitars, Ovation acoustic & electrics and the greatest piano in the world, the Fazioli F308.

In the studio we feature the 10 foot 2 inch Fazioli F308 concert grand. It’s the largest piano in production in the world today. Perfect for classical, jazz or any other kind of music recording. The F308 shines in performance mode. It alone can fill the largest of concert halls. Infrared is the only studio in the world to own one of these magnificent instruments.

In recording it’s all about the mic, mic pre & signal path. EJC Productions is proud of our mic closet and gear list. Including high end mic pres by API, LaChapell, Avedis, Shadow Hills , Grace and Rupert Neve Designs, and mics by Neumann, SounDeluxe, Royer, Audio Technica, Sennheiser, Shure and Earthworks. All mic cables are Monster and the snakes are ProCo.

Don’t see something specific you’ll need to do your project? Just ask, EJC Productions has lots of contacts across the country, just about everything is rentable when it comes to mics & mic pre’s.


  • ProTools HD Ultimate
  • Faderport 8 Production Controller with Central Station Remote
  • A.P.I. 512c preamps
  • Shadow Hills GAMA preamps
  • Avedis MA5 preamps
  • La Chapell Audio 583 tube preamps
  • Rupert Neve Designs 5012 Portico preamps
  • Grace model 201 preamps
  • Presonus Digimax 96 w/ 8 mic preamps
  • Universal Audio Solo 610 Tube single channel mic preamp
  • Digidesign 96i IO
  • Digidesign 96 IO
  • Digidesign MIDI IO
  • Apogee Big Ben Word Clock
  • Apple Mac Pro Dual Quad 2.26 w/ 6GB ram
  • 19″ displays
  • Digidesign ProTools Custom Keyboard for Mac
  • Hard drives by Glyph & LaCie
  • Mackie HR824 Studio monitors
  • Yamaha surround receiver w/ JBL 5.1 speakers
  • Furman HDS6 headphone distribution system
  • Furman HR6 headphone remote stations
  • Tascam CDRW 901 player/recorder
  • Over 60 FX plug ins (EQ, Compression, Reverb, Delay & others)


  • Reason 4.0
  • Ableton Live
  • Melodyne Essential
  • FXpansion BFD Lite
  • IK Multimedia Sampletank, Amplitube, T-Racks EQ
  • A growing collection of samples, loops and synths


  • Sennheiser E835 HH vocal
  • Sennheiser E845 HH vocal
  • Shure SM57 instrument
  • Shure SM81 condenser
  • Shure Beta52 kick drum/bass
  • AKG D112 kick drum/bass
  • Sennheiser MD421 instrument/vocal
  • Neumann U-87
  • SounDeluxe tube condenser
  • Earthworks QTC-1
  • Earthworks PM40 Piano Mic System
  • Audio Technica 4040
  • Rode NT4 stereo condenser
  • Royer SF12 stereo ribbon
  • MXL 990
  • MXL 991
  • Apex large diaphragm condenser
  • Audix DP6 drum mic kit w/clips
    • I-5 snare/instrument
    • D-2 tom/percussion
    • D-4 low tom/percussion
    • ADX-51 overhead condenser
    • Audix OM5 HH vocal
  • Sennheiser Evolution wireless systems each with choice of hand held mic (E835 capsule) or lavalier/lapel mic (Black ME2).
  • Beige/tan MKE2 lavalier


  • The finest piano in the world, Fazioli 308, 10′ 2″ Concert Grand
  • Pearl Session Custom drum kit w/stands & double kick pedal Kick 22″, Toms 10″, 12″, 14″, Chad Smith Signature Snare 14″x 5″ A. Zildjian 20″ Ride, 16″ Crash, 14″ Hi Hats
  • Gallien-Krueger Backstage 600 bass amp & GLX410 Cabinet
  • Fender Twin 100 watt amps (the real thing)
  • Fender Stratocaster
  • OLP Musicman/Telecaster type body
  • Ovation acoustic
  • Echo Acoustic
  • Ovation electric bass
  • Peavey Rudy Sarzo electric bass w/ active pickups
  • Westone electric bass w/ EMG pickups
  • Trinity River banjo
  • Trinity River Mandolin
  • Kona Acoustic Guitar
  • Yamaha Motif XS 8


  • Midas Venice 320
  • 24 mono microphone channels
    • 4 stereo channels
    • 4 sub groups
    • 4 foldback sends (monitor sends)
    • 2 effects sends
  • TC Electronics M350 FX Processor
  • DBX 266 Compressors (insertable on channels & sub groups)
  • DBX 131 EQ’s (for monitors)
  • DBX Driverack w/ RTA microphone


  • Mackie SA1521z (Full range/Tops)
  • Mackie SWA1801 (Subwoofers)
  • Mackie SRM450 (Full range monitors – 4 monitor mixes w/ 2 boxes)